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Yachts in Class

Following contacts from the website the whereabouts of the following yachts has been ascertained. Where the current owners / contacts have agreed we have included an email link:

'AVIS' - Race No.3

Built in 1906, 'Avis' was part of the first tranche of five yachts built to this one design. Mike Greenwood who's father, John Higson Greenwood - Jack- owned Avis from 1934-39 and cruised her to Wales, Ireland and Scotland. She was bought for £90 in Sept 1934 from a Mr Martin of Manchester.

'Avis' was broken up circa 2005 with 'Phyllis' benefiting from her spars and sails. Mike provided David Moss with some photos of 'Avis' after visiting Skippool and seeing 'Phyllis' in the boat shed.

Mikes uncle, Eric Higson Greenwood, crewed for Joe Wallace on 'Ikinoo'. Mike has photographs and logs of the 'Avis' and 'Ikinoo' cruises in the 1930's including the 1933 Midnight IOM Race.

Mike has written about, and agreed to let us publish, the logs for which we have created a dedicated section.


Email. Mike Greenwood


Avis - 1935


Contact from the owner who tells me she is in the process of restoration. Currently located Brighton, Sussex.

No Photo
at this time

'FLORENIEN' - Race No.7

Contact from the owner in the process of restoration. Currently located Lancaster, Lancashire.

Chris Harkin tells us "I've also got in touch with Mike Hartley, who's father Ken owned Florenian for about ten years - Mike reckons there are photos buried in an attic or two, and has promised to search them out."


Florenien - circa 2007


I torched her in 1973 being unable to afford to restore her, I regret it every time I think of it. She had stood full of water in the ABC yard Beaumaris for 7 years prior to me buying her for £240. I had her for 3 years but the ribs had rotted at the keelson, the bilges had been filled with concrete, and it was just too big a job to fit a new keelson.

Email. Alfred Wynne-Jones


Frosette - circa 1970

'IKINOO' - Race No.6

Chris Hankin crewed in the early 1960’s for Jack Gerard who was a founder member of the West Cheshire Sailing Club. An extensive selection of photos of the class were passed on to Chris by Tony Gerard (Jack’s son) and can be viewed on the site, by menu link titled 'Classic Photos' on the left.

For nearly 50 years Chris has owned a Hibre Class, his current boat is named ‘Hippo’! He is a member of West Kirby Sailing Club.

Mike Greenwood's cruise logs of the 'Ikinoo' in the 1930's are linked below.



Email. Chris Hankin


Ikinoo - circa 1923

'MYFANWY BACH' - Race No.2

Currently in restoration at West Cheshire Sailing Club. The picture shows the only model ever made of the class which is now an exhibit in the Liverpool Maritime Museum at Albert Dock. The story about it's rescue from a fire during a bombing raid on the docks is an fascinating bit of history. You can catch up on this story in our 'Research Snippets' section.

Myfanwy Bach

Myfanwy Bach - Model

'PUFFIN' - Race No.4

Maybe 'Puffin', picture from Chris Hankin's collection. Whereabouts currently unknown.


Puffin - Maybe?